Thursday, July 11, 2013

First let me remove the cobwebs and crickets from here, then we can chat. The reason for this post is that we have neglected our poor blog. Adam works and writes and I well, I'm kept busy with family illness, walking our two fur babies and other crazy stuff. I'm also trying to finish my own New Adult Novel before going back to finish Wicked Darlings, our 3rd book in The Chide Series. Also there is Facebook and Twitter and trying to keep up with everything happening in the Author World, so I really think I need an assistant or maybe get more organized. Yes, that's it organization is the key. So I have end our little chat but we haven't forgotten you, our poor little blog and I promise to make an effort to visit more often. Ugh, just walked through a cobweb that I missed!!! Yuck, better housekeeping needs to be on my list too!!!!! LOVE YOU BLOG!!!!!


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